Scalable Secure And Compliant Cloud Storage For Medical Images

Topics: Healthcare IT Management | Cloud Backup

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The challenges facing today’s medical imaging departments are straightforward: meet the demand requirements for accessing medical images and managing the growth in the number and size of diagnostic imaging procedures, while operating as costefficiently as possible. These challenges are further compounded with having to comply with state and local retention policies and HIPAA-mandated disaster recovery regulations.

It is estimated that diagnostic image storage needs will double every three years — with long-term storage and retention requirements ranging from a minimum of five years, and up to 40 years.

Meeting The Challenge: Scalable Solutions For Archiving And Disaster Recovery

The Iron Mountain Cloud Storage for Medical Images is a customizable service that provides healthcare organizations with an enterprise-class, fully scalable, cost-effective archive and disaster recovery solution designed to protect and preserve medical images. The solution ensures healthcare providers ‘data is protected, satisfying HIPAA and other regulations for security— while reducing their total cost of ownership.

Solution Benefits

  • Scalable and reduces IT burden. By moving imaging data to the fully managed Iron Mountain Cloud Storage, healthcare organizations can have a scalable storage environment – with the option of both onsite and offsite storage configurations to meet demand and accessibility requirements. You can free up IT staff and budget for higher value initiatives.
  • Availability and Accessibility. Iron Mountain Cloud Storage for Medical Images provides a fully managed, secure archive for your PACS, with on-demand, rapid access to Images by Clinicians regardless of location.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership. Choosing Iron Mountain Cloud Storage for Medical Images provides a pricing structure that reflects the data volume under management. Predictable operating expense subscriptions are available. Ensure a scalable storage structure without spending capital dollars or leveraging staff resources.
  • Disaster Recovery Compliance. Your information is protected at Iron Mountain’s secured data center. This HIPAA Compliant, ultra-protective environment is located 220 feet below ground featuring full-backup power, an EPA-certified water treatment plant, an OSHAcertified fire company, 24-hour armed security, 24-hour maintenance, and 24x7 service operation.

Solution Architecture

Retrieve Studies On-Demand The Iron Mountain Cloud Storage for Medical Images seamlessly stores images from PACS via a local gateway. Images are encrypted for security and automatically transmitted over the network to the secure Iron Mountain Data Center. Cached studies can also be kept in the gateway, and as an option, retrieved from a full on-site archive, with fast, easy access.

Provide Service Levels to Meet Requirements Time to access studies can be fully customized to meet individual provider requirements. Access times vary for Disaster Recovery — whether the disaster is due to onsite systems component failure or a catastrophic event.

The solution provides on-site archiving and caching that enables the restoration of data from either local or remote backup data.

Trust Iron Mountain For Secure, Scalable On Demand Storage And Disaster Recovery

The Iron Mountain Cloud Storage for Medical Images solution lowers total cost of ownership and enables healthcare providers to mitigate compliance and disaster recovery risks. Iron Mountain enables healthcare organizations to implement a flexible storage and Disaster Recovery strategy with no capital outlay — with benefits that include cost-effective, on-demand radiology and cardiology study delivery.

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