Simplifying Information Management

Topics: Health Information Governance | Healthcare IT Management | HIPAA Compliance | Optimizing for Electronic Medical Records Transition

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Improving patient care boils down to accessing the right information at the right time. Seemingly simple, this presents an inherently challenging process complicated by limited resources, ever-evolving regulatory requirements, intricate workflows, and the complexity of today’s hybrid environment.

But what if you could simplify this process? What if you could connect the right people with the right information — anytime and from anywhere within your facility?

That’s where we come in. Iron Mountain provides the technologies and resources you need to improve your quality of care, liberate your patient data and deliver a consolidated and secure solution — culminating in a complete view of the patient record.

A Complete, Connected Patient Record

"We no longer have to search for patient information across formats — instead, it is readily available to all clinicians as needed."

—Lori P. Jayne, Director of Health Information Management and Privacy Officer, Lahey Clinic

Patient data is held captive in silos all over your healthcare facility — from your PACS archives and clinical and revenue cycle applications to your surgery centers and referring physicians — in both paper and digital formats. Iron Mountain works with your team to tailor a health information management solution that enables you to effectively manage your hybrid environment, which is comprised of both paper and electronic records. Through our unique blend of technologies and services, you can convert and consolidate data regardless of format to build a centralized patient record that is easily accessible across your organization.

Security And Compliance

Despite a history rooted in paper records, the regulatory landscape in healthcare is constantly evolving, and financial incentives are moving you down an accelerated path toward electronic medical records (EMR). This hybrid environment makes protecting patient information exceedingly more difficult. That’s why privacy, compliance and security form the foundation of every solution we offer. Whether it’s our HIPAA-compliant facilities for your physical records, encrypted digital images stored offsite in our world-class, underground data centers, or secure information destruction solutions, our offerings minimize your risk and securely protect your data.

Data Protection And Business Continuity

Our solutions are designed to handle the information explosion that will continue into the foreseeable future. By offering flexible, cloud-based backup, recovery and archiving solutions, we ensure your data is there when you need it, and is easily recoverable in the event of a disaster. Moreover, Iron Mountain’s cloud-based offerings can meet your storage needs today — while reducing your management time and overall costs — with the scalability to accommodate tomorrow’s storage demands.

Cost Effectiveness

"Iron Mountain’s solution met all of our needs for storing, protecting and restoring our data, and it offered the price point we needed."

—Bill Dyer, Senior Network Administrator, Maria Parham Medical Center

For 60 years, Iron Mountain has been a trusted leader in information management. Today, more than 2,000 hospitals and thousands of healthcare customers nationwide trust Iron Mountain to manage all aspects of the information lifecycle — from storing a newly created file to archiving through destruction.

Our years of experience allow us to provide our clients more than just a service. We offer practical advice, advanced solutions, unprecedented protection, and strategies that enable you to more effectively manage your physical and digital information. This holistic approach helps you identify innovative ways to maximize efficiencies while minimizing your total cost of ownership.


You can rely on Iron Mountain’s healthcare expertise and industry-leading best practices to manage your physical and digital information. Our conversion services bridge the gap between paper and electronic medical records, and each month we scan over 10 million pages at more than 90 imaging centers across the country. Our vast experience and consultative approach enables us to evaluate your existing environment and work with your team to implement best practices that align with your organizational goals. Moreover, Iron Mountain maintains strategic relationships with some of the industry’s largest health information technology companies in order to streamline your road to success.


There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to health information management. This is why Iron Mountain has a comprehensive suite of solutions that handle everything from records management and archiving to more sophisticated engagements, such as EMR Enablement and Vendor Neutral Archiving, to liberate your patient data. We can help you at any point in the patient information continuum and provide a comfortable balance of resources to best meet your healthcare organization’s needs.

What Should Your Healthcare Facility Look For In A Partner?

Managing the health information lifecycle — while maintaining flexibility, security and accessibility — is a complex undertaking, and it requires a clear course of action. Iron Mountain can help you understand the requisite challenges and develop a health information management strategy that addresses your needs. For example:

  • With a hybrid paper and digital records environment, what is the best approach to managing your existing paper records while continuing the journey to your EMR?
  • Should you convert some patient records now, or follow an on-demand strategy that converts records to electronic format only as you need them?
  • What is the best strategy to accommodate the exponential growth of structured and unstructured data throughout your organization?
  • How might a cloud-based backup and archiving solution help you manage costs while reducing your risk?
  • Are you a good candidate for a vendor neutral archive?
  • Would you benefit from reduced complexity and lower operating costs, freeing you from proprietary formats?
  • Are you actively working towards building a more connected, complete view of the patient record?
  • Are you destroying records on a regular basis, in accordance with retention policies and requirements?

These are the questions Iron Mountain helps healthcare providers answer every day. To help you find the right answers, we’ll conduct a complete survey of your current situation, analyze your existing workflows and associated costs, and provide a comprehensive assessment. We’ll identify your risk exposure, detail how to best leverage technology, and set the stage for a far-reaching strategy that connects your clinicians with the right information.

A Comprehensive Health Information Management Strategy For The Future

Healthcare providers today are exposed to a significant, and growing, number of influences that are changing the way we think about the future of healthcare delivery.

Advanced imaging technologies are increasing the amount of data generated during patient visits, which places additional strain on storage and backup systems. At the same time, new healthcare regulations are requiring greater security and privacy measures, and the country is experiencing turbulent economic times — forcing you to tighten your budget and do more with less.

You need advanced solutions that deliver a path toward an EMR, protect your patient information, and offer flexibility and scalability, while reducing costs and mitigating risk. Equally important, you need solutions that liberate your information, connect the patient record, and enable you to focus on your primary objective: improving patient care.

Fortunately, Iron Mountain has been overcoming formidable challenges in the field of information management for 60 years and is well positioned to help you develop a comprehensive health information management strategy.

A Leader In Health Information Solutions

Our healthcare expertise is available across a range of services and is proven in thousands of medical institutions across the country. We offer the tools and resources necessary to help you:

  • Simplify and accelerate your EMR transition
  • Manage costs while reducing risks
  • Protect and preserve information
  • Free information from silos and connect the patient record


The Health Insurance and Portability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) has been part of the healthcare landscape for years, but it’s changing rapidly. As the industry moves toward electronic records, it’s imperative that every institution understand the recent changes to the privacy and security requirements of HIPAA.

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