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Industry Fact

The use of webbased fulfillment and inventory management systems in five major industries is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 6.24%.

Source: Iron Mountain/InfoTrends - The Future of Fulfillment Survey, 2015.

Business Challenge

Speed to market is critical in today’s business environment. Studies show dramatic decreases in response rates when customers’ requests for more information aren’t fulfilled promptly.

Is your fulfillment system giving you what you need? Do system users find ordering cumbersome, complex and time-consuming? Can they access materials whenever and wherever they want to? Are you getting accurate, real-time inventory levels, order volume, tracking and other key data to help you plan more effectively?

It’s time to step up to an online ordering and inventory management system – technology that reduces warehouse costs and waste, while allowing you to place orders anytime from anywhere.

How This Affects You

What if you could…

  • Have inventory data that is always accurate and up to date, so you never run out?
  • Track orders by individual, office, sales territory, region or other variables, to spot trends quickly?
  • Manage access to, and use of, documents and reports, to ensure that only authorized users can get them?
  • Specify geographic distribution, maximum order quantities, maximum value of materials ordered, and charge-backs, to better control your budget?
  • Convert documents to print-on-demand or electronic distribution when inventory reaches zero, to prevent fulfillment delays?

Track Inventory, Orders, Costs And Results With Grouptrak™

GroupTrak, Iron Mountain’s online fulfillment management system, hosts all of your print and digital assets and provides seamless, end-to-end integration between your databases and systems maintained by other external parties, like call centers. You gain complete control over production and ordering, with accurate, real-time data, through a web portal customized to your company’s specifications.

GroupTrak offers all the features and functionality you need to make sure your information and products get to prospects and customers quickly and cost effectively, including:

  • The ability to set aside inventory for trade shows, marketing campaigns, job fairs, training, shareholder and media events, and more
  • Order tracking by stock number, login name, zip code, last name, order number and other variables of your choosing
  • Low-stock alerts and optional automatic conversion to print-ondemand or electronic distribution when physical stock runs out
  • In-depth reports like departmental chargebacks, ordering patterns, backorders, inventory and ad hoc reports to meet your criteria
  • Ordering capabilities from anywhere at any time
  • A built-in address book to store your mail lists

As your company’s GroupTrak administrator, you control user parameters, such as access to documents, reports and content creation tools. You can limit access by individual, job/function, group, location or any other criteria you select. You can also set maximum order quantities, maximum value of materials ordered, item expiration dates, geographic distribution and more.

Customer Success

A multinational tool manufacturing conglomerate decided to bring all of its brands under one roof, to reduce marketing inefficiencies. The company needed to replace individually branded marketing collateral and point-of-purchase materials to create a uniform image and combine the formerly separate order systems into one integrated system. Iron Mountain had already been providing inventory management and fulfillment for two divisions of this company.

We developed a schedule for incorporating the remaining divisions, coding every product and each system user to control access, generate bills by product line or brand, track ordering rates and set ordering limits.

The Result? The company reduced its print, storage, obsolescence, fulfillment and shipping costs by 30% over a two-year period.


Is Your Fulfillment Company Part of the Problem or the Solution?
Is Your Fulfillment Company Part of the Problem or the Solution?

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When you think about all the things that can disrupt your business operations, you probably think of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires, power outages and computer malfunctions. Companies should be concerned about such events, given the enormous losses left in the wake of disasters like Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and – more recently – 1,000-year floods in Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi; several blizzards along the Atlantic coast; and the annual outbreak of wildfires in California and Arizona.