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Industry Fact

Each year, companies spend one to three percent of their total operating budget — an average of $6.3 million each — on creation, production and distribution of print communications.

Source: InfoTrends, The True Cost of Business Communications

Business Challenge

In today’s hurry-up business environment, you need a ready supply of relevant print materials for customers, vendors, dealers and others who contribute to your business success. You also need to wring the most value out of every dollar of your budget.

A surprising number of businesses – especially large enterprises – have little, if any, visibility into their commercial print spend. How many of a given piece should you print so that you don’t run out or waste money on materials you won’t use? When should you reorder to avoid rush reprint charges or backorders? What’s the most cost-effective way to print the pieces in your inventory?

How This Affects You

What if you could:

  • Gain unique insights into your production costs and allocations to get better returns on what you spend?
  • Streamline procurement and production to significantly reduce turnaround and consistently realize cost savings of 10% to 20%?
  • Ensure the highest quality and timely delivery on every print order?
  • Have a single point of contact for all your print production, promotion, fulfillment and distribution?

Print Management Overview

We begin by reviewing your historical print purchases and current costs to establish a baseline. Next, we analyze your business requirements, challenges, goals and current production processes. Finally, we develop recommendations for the most appropriate equipment, most efficient processes and best suppliers for the project at hand.

Offset Printing: Most cost-effective for long production runs of static materials in color or black and white, as well as preprinted color ‘shells’ that can be customized, as needed, using digital overprinting.

Digital Printing: Most cost-effective for production runs of 5,000 or less, whether color or black and white. The right choice for targeted or highly personalized pieces using variable data, images or text. Also effective for ondemand or just-in-time printing of seasonal materials, pieces that update or change frequently, or when offset stock is depleted, thereby avoiding rush reprint charges and backorders.

eCustomize:Available through Iron Mountain’s GroupTrak™ web-based content creation, production and ordering system, this design-on-demand tool lets users create targeted, personalized materials quickly and easily from their desktop or laptop. Your preapproved templates will maintain brand standards, while built-in rules ensure that users can access and modify only the information appropriate for their job function, level, sales territory, products or other criteria set by management. Iron Mountain digitally prints and ships the finished product in the quantity ordered.

Benefits Of Print Management

  • End-to-end management, including creative support, customization, reproduction, post-production inventory management and logistics.
  • Cost savings, derived both from contractual agreements with our print partners and through our in-depth analysis of your usage patterns, material shelf life and related costs to identify ideal quantities and the best production method for each job.
  • Faster time to market, because our fulfillment management system tracks your inventory and usage data to accurately project ideal reorder points and quantities, so materials are always in stock when needed.
  • Increased sales opportunities. Prompt fulfillment increases response rates. By consolidating print management and fulfillment, we get your materials to prospects faster, while your product or service is still fresh in their minds.
  • Increased staff productivity. Outsourcing print management frees valuable staff time to focus on revenue producing activities.
  • Accountability and control. Iron Mountain’s Total Print Management solution provides one point of contact and control for all of your print production and fulfillment needs. You get the quality you demand, on time and at a competitive price.

Take Control Of Your Print Spend

Total Print Management is Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services’ turnkey solution for start-to-finish print procurement, production, warehousing and fulfillment. Total Print Management utilizes both offset print procurement from our network of high quality commercial printers across the country, or your current offset suppliers, locking in contractual savings to ensure that you get the best price available. We can also tap our own in-house digital printing capabilities, as appropriate for any given piece or purpose.

Through analysis, work flow realignment and efficient management of print production, we help customers spend less on print, storage, insurance, transportation and related costs, while delivering materials that help improve response rates and return-on-investment.


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