Iron Mountain® Information Governance Assessment Service

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Achieving compliance and efficiency in how your organization governs information is an ongoing process that involves systematically reviewing your approach to information governance (IG) over time. As the amount of information your organization produces rapidly grows, so do the threats of litigation and risk of privacy breaches. All the while, the likelihood of being able to get your hands around this data to actually make use of it decreases.

Information is one of your organization’s most critical business assets – but without properly assessing the way your organization governs information and developing a roadmap to address your gaps, it’s impossible to document progress towards strategic goals, provide concrete proof of business benefit, and ensure your organization is effectively managing risk.

Industry Fact:

Chaos is the description used by 23% of respondents in relation to governance and management of multi-channel inbound information.

State of Information Management: Are Businesses Digitally Transforming or Stuck in Neutral?;AIIM

How This Affects You:

  • You lack expert guidance on how to optimize your information governance program
  • You don’t know if the platform, people, or processes you have in place to manage information are effective
  • You are not maximizing the benefits of your vast information, rather it is becoming a burden to manage and a risk to your security

What If You Could:

  • Work with our expert Advisory Services team to uncover gaps in your existing IG program?
  • Benchmark your IG program maturity against your peers?
  • Identify concrete steps to move from where your IG program is today to where you want to be?

IG Assessment Service

Our IG Assessment service is a proven methodology for answering 6 key IG questions:

  1. What is your IG maturity compared to other firms?
  2. How compliant is your content?
  3. What are the best areas to focus on?
  4. What should a remediation plan look like?
  5. What is the business case for remediation?
  6. What is the 12-36 month roadmap to start?

Advisory Services

Experts on our Advisory Services team will guide you through the process of assessing your IG program and developing a roadmap to help you achieve your IG goals. Advisory Services consists of IG professionals with deep information management and governance expertise who are trained to deliver compliant standard of care services and have established IG programs for some of the world’s largest and most heavily regulated organizations. With 20+ years of experience providing holistic IG solutions, the team includes over 100 skilled legal researchers & attorneys, records managers, library and information scientists and experts in electronic content management with practice areas in most industries.

Assessment And Roadmap

Our expert IG consultants will methodically evaluate your program, assessing everything from organizational design and policies to workflow processes and information inventory analysis. Through a series of diagnostic tools, stakeholder interviews and facilitated workshops, you’ll work together to identify strengths and weaknesses in the current state of your IG program compared to industry standards and your peers. Your content will be sampled and tested against rules and regulations for compliance. Based on your current state, you’ll work together to identify high priority areas for improvement. As a final output, you’ll receive a strategic IG roadmap to help you achieve your desired future state, prioritized by your top opportunities for improvement and risk appetite.

Complementary Services

Should you find gaps in your program, our IG Advisory Services team can help you stand up a cross-functional IG steering committee and develop enterprise-wide policies through the IG Program Development service. You can use our user-friendly, cloudbased Policy Center portal to easily maintain and distribute your retention policy online throughout your organization. Through Policy Center, you’ll receive a feed of continuously updated, fully cited and summarized retention requirements customized to your business needs.

What You Gain

  • Advisory services provided by professionals with deep IG expertise to assess your IG program, policies, and platforms
  • Output benchmarking report to compare your IG maturity to your peers
  • A better understanding of your current state of IG, including systematic metrics for measuring progress over time
  • A customized and actionable roadmap based on your organization’s specific goals and objectives