Make Your Business Communications More Productive

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Each year, companies spend one to three percent of their total operating budget — an average of $6.3 million each — on creation, production and distribution of print communications. But an eye-opening 15 to 25 percent of that spending is wasted, according to InfoTrends’ research in The True Cost of Business Communications.


The ability to engage and influence customers, business partners and other stakeholders is critical to your company’s bottom line. But producing and disseminating effective business communications has never been more complicated.

Market cycles are getting shorter every day, demanding fast response to emerging opportunities. Then there’s a wide — and growing — array of communication channels from which to choose. Print is important, but you can’t ignore digital and mobile messaging or social media.

You also need to keep spending under control. But it’s hard to know where to make improvements if you don’t have a clear understanding of underlying factors that can drive up costs. Finally, there’s a host of state, federal and industry regulations you need to comply with, along with maintaining your own brand standards.

Given all of these demands, it can be difficult to know where to focus to get the best return on your communication investments.

How This Affects You

Communications are a company’s life blood, directly impacting your ability to gain a competitive edge and create lasting business value. You need to determine how to allocate your budget to get the best results. You need visibility into your current print and fulfillment programs and their effectiveness. You need to position yourself to nimbly take advantage of trends and respond to leads to stay ahead of the competition. And you need to ensure that communication missteps don’t put your business at risk of fines, lost market share or lawsuits.


  • Quickly and easily produce targeted, personalized business communications that boost your response rates?
  • Eliminate production inefficiencies for more cost-effective communications?
  • Get critical, real-time data to help you make better decisions?
  • Work smarter, rather than harder, with one point of access to all of the production, fulfillment, compliance and reporting solutions you need?

Reduce Costs And Boost Results With Iron Mountain’s Print And Fulfillment Solutions

You need new thinking and proven practices to get you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. Here’s how we can help:


Iron Mountain’s five strategically located warehouse facilities can ship most orders out the same day. Place individual or bulk orders by stock number, description, product line, product manager or keyword search. We’ll pull, pack and ship your items promptly, accurately and cost-effectively.


Preassemble standard kits and booklets or customize them on demand using our web-based kitting application. Combine offset and digitally printed pages and add three-dimensional content like CDs or promotional items. Personalize materials with logos, signatures and contact information, select your preferred packaging or binding, then upload your mailing list. We assemble and ship your completed kits quickly and accurately.


Tap into Iron Mountain’s online content and inventory management system, anytime, anywhere. Use our portal to place and track orders; get real-time inventory levels; set reorder points; automatically convert to print-on-demand or electronic distribution when physical items are out of stock; control user and distribution parameters; put limits on order quantities; set alerts and reminders; generate standard or ad hoc reports; create or customize content; build kits; automate repetitive compliance tasks, and more.

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