Accelerate Your Transition to the EMR

Topics: Optimizing for Electronic Medical Records Transition

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Business Challenge

You’re charged with moving to electronic records — and it’s a significant task. While you want to focus on the transition, you’ve got to address administrative tasks that are slowing you down to a crawl. Plus, you’ve got to manage records in multiple formats, abide by increasingly complex regulations and stay focused on compliance. And as budgets have grown tighter, so too has the pressure to make the revenue cycle as short as possible.

How long can you survive in this hybrid world? The longer you stay here, the more it costs you — and the more it impacts patient care. Accelerating your EMR transition is your mandate, but you lack the bandwidth and skills to create a proven approach for scanning that will lower costs, while securing chain-of-custody for confidential patient and hospital information.

How This Affects You

  • Operating in a hybrid environment degrades throughput,reducing the number of patients that can be seen in a day
  • Managing patient information in both paper and electronic formats makes it difficult to get a clear, centralized view of the patient’s treatment history
  • The cost pressure brought upon by revenue shortfalls, a changing reimbursement landscape and growing compliance obligations means you need to get more done with fewer resources
  • Integrating and consolidating siloed patient information for a unified view of the patient is costly and time consuming

What You Gain ...

  • Improved management and accessibility of patient records
  • Strengthened chain-of-custody for sensitive information
  • Lower costs with higher quality for scanned documents

What If You Could...

  • Empower your doctors to treat patients using records in a single format?
  • Improve patient care and throughput by having paper records available digitally in your EMR?
  • Create a single view of your — patient records across all locations?
  • Shorten your revenue cycle — and drive more dollars to your bottom line?

Accelerate Your EMR Transition

You can eliminate the limitations of a hybrid environment by making all patient information available from a centralized, electronic source. With Iron Mountain Scanning Services, you can consolidate all scanning and records storage processes in a single location, and provide imaged records in a format that can be uploaded into your existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. This way, you’ll be able to easily bridge the gap between paper and digital records, while giving your doctors a single location to access everything they need to quickly and effectively treat patients.

Iron Mountain Scanning Service:

  • Document Conversion Services
    • Day Forward Conversion
    • Backfile Conversion
    • Image on Demand™
  • Document Hosting Services

With it, you can:

  • Break out of your hybrid world
  • Avoid a privacy breach
  • Offload your administrative burden

Streamlining Workflow

Leveraging Iron Mountain Document Conversion Services, Document Hosting Services and our network — of Imaging Centers ,you’ll have a proven and repeatable process that helps you accelerate your transition to the EMR. These solutions can be combined and tailored in various ways to meet the needs and goals — of your specific facility.

Day Forward Conversion

After the introduction of an — EMR solution, certain records will continue to be created on paper. These records need to be converted to electronic format as soon as possible to integrate the record — into the electronic chart. Iron Mountain experts can help you establish a conversion process that integrates smoothly with your existing hospital processes.

Image on Demand

As your staff requests specific records, those documents are retrieved, scanned and quickly made available to support your patient — care and business priorities. By selectively imaging charts — or converting only the portion of the patient record required for critical care — you can significantly reduce conversion costs while realizing the benefits of your EMR system.

Backfile Conversion

If you have existing paper records that are taking up valuable hospital space, Iron Mountain can help you establish a fast, efficient process for the bulk conversion of those records to electronic format. These backfile conversions can reduce or eliminate onsite paper records storage and make records easier to search, — access and distribute.

Document Hosting Services

Once your records are converted to electronic format, you need sophisticated search and rapid retrieval so your staff can have — 24 x 7 online access when required. With Iron Mountain Document Hosting Services, you can scale on-demand as you grow, with a scalable, secure solution that can deliver you the information that — you need — when you need it.