Go Paperless in Human Resource Management

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Manage The Entire Digital Employee Record On A Single Platform

Examine How You Make Decisions In HR

Think of the most critical business processes in your HR office – the ones that are essential to the success of your business.

Now think of who is involved in that process. For example, think of the staff collecting data and documents during employee onboarding and offboarding or a manager who initiates or approves contract hiring. Most of the time, the decision-maker or process initiator is someone who is not a staff member of your office. When this is the case, smarter business process technology makes a difference.

Eliminate manual data entry, routing of folders and lost paperwork automate

Communication to staff when steps or documents are missing or complete

Protect and leverage your system of record through HCM integration

OnBase Solutions Impact:
  • Recruiting and Selection
    Captures, stores and routes applicant files for review Automatically
  • Employee Onboarding
    Provides visibility into onboarding processes to speed up task completion
  • Employee File Management
    Creates one, central location to store and manage employee files
  • Policies and Procedures
    Eliminates the distribution of paper forms for policy and procedure updates
  • Employee Relations
    Documents employee performance management and improvement issues
  • Employee Offboarding
    Enables HR staff to automate tasks necessary for employee departures

OnBase Capabilities


Capture ALL critical content (paper, electronic and data) from any location. Minimal data entry is required because your documents are automatically classified.

Look for places where manual data entry or printing then scanning adds costs and wastes valuable human capital. Consider offices with large paper, folder and file cabinet volume or purchases.


Drive content through your processes and eliminate wasted time. Automate decisions in your processes, handle exceptions with tools to manage related tasks, activities and conversations and facilitate case management activities.

Find areas where faster approvals and decisions could impact the institution, routing is manual or tedious, peak period readiness is key, communication is inconsistent and decisions are made but not documented.


Everyone who needs to access content and processes can easily do so from anywhere. The user experience is personalized, integrated with core applications, available from mobile devices and extended to authorized users outside your organization.

Identify staff who must log in to a separate system, spreadsheet or source to retrieve data that they use in and around the HCM and supporting niche solutions.


Content integrates seamlessly with core applications without requiring custom code. Not only is content instantly available directly from these applications, but the systems synchronize data in real time behind the scenes.

Protect the HCM as the system of record and extend the value of your investment. Leverage HCM data in eForms and write scanned or imaged data back to the HCM (update document checklists, employee data, etc.).


Monitor and report on the information and activities within your ECM system. Identify and eliminate bottlenecks. Prepare for audits with instant insight into exactly what information you do and don’t have, all without involving IT administrators.

Recognize where bottlenecks occur, mitigate them, communicate around them, remind key stakeholders of overdue tasks and redistribute the workload automatically. Confidently face audits.


Securely store and protect content from disaster during its entire lifecycle with built-in data redundancy. Automatically destroy content when it expires in accordance with legal retention requirements.

Manage the digital business with secure documents that are redacted, retained and removed at the right time to ensure compliance with ERISA, PPACA and other legal requirements.