Restoring & Preserving America’s Photographic History

When the Corbis Corporation acquired the historic Bettmann Archive of photographic images in 1995, many of the original images had already aged for over 40 years. These Iconic images symbolic of the American Century stood at risk of permanent loss; a great majority of the original negatives and prints showed some deterioration and wear. Corbis enlisted Iron Mountain as an archive partner to help restore and preserve this invaluable trove of images. With Iron Mountain’s restoration expertise, Corbis was able to halt the aging of the priceless originals while still offering the archive for digital distribution worldwide.

Approach to Restoration

Iron Mountain Entertainment Services has a wealth of experience in the preservation and restoration of high-value originals and masters across all media. From vintage film and video to priceless master recording and source negatives, our expertise spans the range of media and original sources. Iron Mountain has one of the industry’s leading collections of vintage media players and the ability to work with any original media format. For a complete restoration solution, Iron Mountain can integrate digitization and restoration of originals with a digital distribution solution. In this way, your original masters are untouched but your assets can be distributed on a global scale.

Iron Mountain’s restoration capabilities with specific media include:

Image Restoration

Iron Mountain image restoration services and expertise can preserve, protect, and restore valuable graphics from a variety of source materials. Original album covers, movie posters or scripts, priceless letters, and other printed materials can be safeguarded and archived by our digital artists using industry-leading scanning technology that captures and restores them to the highest quality standards.

Film Restoration

The medium of film is particularly susceptible to decay and degradation from environmental factors and repeated use over time. Our film restoration services can remedy the damaging effects of age and actually revitalize a film with our cutting-edge scratch-removal process. With our process and services, priceless original films, enjoyed by millions, can get a new lease on life.

Sound Restoration

Priceless recorded sound masters face damage and decay from the effects of poor storage practices, the ravages of time, or multiple playings over the years. With the goal of returning the originals to their optimal form for eventual digital preservation, our team of restorers will inspect and restore your fragile, analog masters with the highest level of care and technological sophistication.

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Trans World Entertainment
Trans World Entertainment

In the highly competitive entertainment industry, retail stores compete fiercely for customers’ dollars and mind share. Because the LVS at Trans World’s stores offered something to customers that no other store had, management at Trans World knew that it needed to be protected.