Manage your healthcare data growth.

Iron Mountain’s Cloud Storage for Medical Images is a fully managed archive and disaster recovery storage solution designed specifically for a PACS environment. Eliminate the cost and burden of self-managed archives, while retaining rapid access to images and gaining continuous protection and preservation of critical patient data. Iron Mountain’s vendor neutral solution seamlessly integrates with your existing PACS system and allows your organization to scale with both on and offsite storage options. In the event of a disaster, you can be confident that your studies will be right where you put them.
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Secure Underground Storage

Using advanced encryption and secure networking, your healthcare data is never at risk. And on the other end of the network, your data is stored in our HIPAA compliant underground data center, protected from any type of natural disaster, from power failures to tornadoes. Meet data protection requirements with redundant copies across geographically separated locations.

Managed Service Model

With this managed service model, Iron Mountain’s 24x7x365 monitoring gives your PACS teams peace of mind so they can focus on what matters – their patients. Healthcare organizations no longer need to manage the hardware acquisition process or the replacement cycle for obsolete storage, and can incrementally increase capacity without the space and cost requirements to support onsite storage systems. With predicable monthly billing, you can control costs as you data grows. As a result, you can free up your resources, reduce your total cost of ownership and minimize complexity.