Critical Business Issues for Law Firms

Whether your clients develop or license software, you have a legitimate interest in helping them assess the risks of doing business and giving them expert advice.

If your clients develop or use custom mission-critical software, either in the cloud or on-premises, consider recommending that they implement the right type of technology escrow services to ensure their business continuity. Iron Mountain’s suite of escrow and intellectual property management services protects software users and buyers by providing a range of services. At a minimum, we can offer access to their vendor’s source code under specific conditions in the escrow agreement, or we can fully replicate the application and data in a stand-alone environment.

Critical Business Issues for Law Firms:

  • I need to help my clients reduce risk. Your clients will reduce risk and enhance compliance through integration of Iron Mountain technology escrow and verification services as part of a comprehensive risk management strategy.
  • I want to recommend the best. Iron Mountain has provided software and technology escrow protection for software and technology vendors and their clients since 1982. Plus, we’re the only Fortune 500-company in the technology escrow business. Entrust your clients’ interests to the acknowledged global leader in the field.

Verification services strengthen the value of your clients’ escrow agreement.  

SaaS application? Learn how to protect your clients’ applications and data in the cloud.

Law firms should recommend escrow protection to their clients if:

  • The software or technology is mission-critical to the client’s business
  • Many employees rely on it
  • The technology impacts the client’s customers
  • The technology is difficult or costly to replace
  • Third-party software is embedded into the technology
  • The client is developing or trying to maintain a corporate risk management strategy

IP Litigation Discovery Escrowlets both sides comply efficiently with discovery compliance provisions related to intellectual property litigation

Collateral Escrow uses a company’s IP assets as collateral to secure financing

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