Critical Business Issues for Developers

As a technology developer, you can put your customers at ease, gain their confidence, and shorten your sales cycles by offering escrow and intellectual property protection upfront as a value-added service, whether you sell on-premises or in the cloud.

You want your prospects, customers and partners to have confidence in your company. Establishing sound escrow terms and processes is a vitally important step to foster confidence and build trust. You need to make escrow protection and intellectual property management a non-event by establishing a simple, legally sound, repeatable process that meets your needs and that of your prospects.

Are you a SaaS developer?

Do you sell SaaS applications? Learn how to deliver protection for your applications and your customer’s data in the cloud.

When you offer your customers Iron Mountain technology escrow and verification services, you will be adding significant value in safeguarding their investment with you, as well as earning their trust — all backed by Iron Mountain’s reputation for integrity and success in the escrow industry for over 30 years.

Critical Business Issues for Developers:

  • I need to close the deal. With the right Iron Mountain escrow agreement, you’ll offer the investment protection assurance your customer needs to feel comfortable making the deal.
  • I need to assure my customers that I’m a safe choice. Technology escrow will reduce your customers’ risks of licensing software and, consequently, help to ensure their business continuity.
  • I want to protect my intellectual property and my revenue stream. Protecting your intellectual property is of the utmost importance. If it’s compromised in any way, you’ll lose your competitive advantage and miss out on new business opportunities. Protect it with Iron Mountain.

How can you best protect your IP?

Read about our Intellectual Property Development Protection Agreement (IPDPA).

Did you realize your IP could act as Collateral?

Read about our Collateral Escrow Service.

With Iron Mountain’s comprehensive technology escrow and verification services, developers have a trusted partner who will securely hold onto the source code and release it only under very specific and controlled conditions.

Learn more about Verification Services which strengthen the value of your escrow agreement.  

Find out how the Escrow Management Center enables convenient and secure online account management.