Critical Business Issues for Licensees

Mission critical technology is everywhere; you depend on it every day. Failing to protect it puts your business at risk … you can’t afford not to safeguard your reliance on it.

When your company licenses software or subscribes to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, you rely on your vendor for technical support, functional enhancements, and maintenance. With SaaS applications, you entrust your data to them as well. This dependency exposes your company to potential risks.

Moving to the Cloud or a SaaS application?

Learn how to protect your application and data in the cloud.

What would happen if your vendor went out of business or otherwise stopped supporting your software or technology?  Your company could suffer considerable losses in revenue and/or productivity. If your developer is small or doesn’t have a proven track record, you need to know that your technology will be there when you need it.

Critical Business Issues for Licensees:

  • I depend on critical technology to run my business, but the developer is outside my control. Iron Mountain gives you the ability to leverage the escrow relationship to ensure your developer lives up to its promised service levels.
  • I need to make a safe technology procurement decision. With Iron Mountain’s Technology Escrow Services for Licensees, you’ll be able to eliminate any concerns about the developer’s capabilities or the quality of your technology.  You’ll have ready access to the application source code, as well as a complete set of deposited materials, so that you can keep your business up and running. Our full range of technology escrow and verification services ensures that your software works when you need it to.

In the event of an unforeseen circumstance where your vendor is no longer able to provide support or maintenance, establishing an Iron Mountain escrow account gives you the ability to gain access to the source code and other proprietary information needed to maintain your software or technology.

Learn more about Verification services which strengthen the value of your escrow agreement.  

Find out how the Escrow Management Center enables convenient and secure online account management.