Paramount Case Study

“Iron Mountain was a great choice when we worked on our consolidation effort to bring materials from all over the world … They had the expertise and knowledge to actually pull something of that magnitude off.”
-Andrea Kalas, Vice President Studio Archives, Paramount Pictures

When Paramount Pictures sought to consolidate its priceless collection of movie memorabilia and media assets spanning 100 years of entertainment history, Iron Mountain was there to help. Originally spread over 26 locations worldwide, Paramount’s goal was to streamline and preserve its massive dispersed archive and take it into the digital age. With logistical support and technological expertise from Iron Mountain, the collection is now housed in three secure locations - and for the first time fully accessible worldwide.

Corbis Case Study

“The Bettmann Archive contains 11 million images … We were challenged with preserving the collection and providing access to it. The partnership that was created with Iron Mountain enables us to achieve that.”
-Ann Hartman, Manager of Library and Records Management, Corbis

The Bettmann Archive contains some of the world’s most recognizable photographic images – from Marilyn Monroe to Rosa Parks to a work crew perched on a girder above New York City. When Corbis Images acquired the Bettmann Archive in 1995, the challenge was to provide access for Corbis’ client base to this historic trove of images. Working with Iron Mountain, Corbis was able to manage the digitizing and archiving efforts for this massive collection and provide worldwide access to this rich legacy of historically significant visual images.

Security & Chain of Custody

Iron Mountain has a rich history of preserving and safeguarding valuable archives with industry-leading security practices. Learn more about our secure facilities and chain-of-custody process.

Secure Worldwide Accessibility

A company’s intellectual property provides future revenue and new business opportunities. Learn more about how Iron Mountain can make your archive easy to access, browse and distribute – securely.

Media Migration & the End of Media Obsolescence

As media formats change and technology evolves, you want to know that your media won’t be obsolete or unusable – ever. Learn more how Iron Mountain can future-proof your assets in a media-agnostic archive.

Restoring & Preserving

Iron Mountain specializes in full-service restoration and state-of-the-art preservation. Our experts have years of experience working with and restoring a wide variety of media and physical objects. Learn more


Trans World Entertainment
Trans World Entertainment

In the highly competitive entertainment industry, retail stores compete fiercely for customers’ dollars and mind share. Because the LVS at Trans World’s stores offered something to customers that no other store had, management at Trans World knew that it needed to be protected.