Ted MacLean | Iron Mountain

What we're doing right –

We’re honored that you consider us trustworthy—it is one of the key reasons you selected us as a partner. You also told us that our Couriers and Transportation teams are doing a fantastic job—and that it’s important to you. Check out these stories…

  • Iron Mountain Ole Winners
    Ole Award Recognizes Our Batavia Records Center

    You may be aware of our commitment to the communities where our employees live and work. But you may not have heard that our Chicago Iron Mountain market was one of five recipients of an Ole Award from the Batavia, Illinois, Chamber of Commerce for significant investment in the community.

  • Safeguarding information and other important assets as if they were our own
    Protecting your information as if it was our own

    Iron Mountain takes safeguarding your information very seriously. That’s why we are committed to employing a holistic security strategy based on our 60+ years of expertise and our understanding of the common threats you face. Learn more about the extensive measures we are putting in place to secure and safeguard your valuable information assets.

  • James Anderson - Iron Mountain
    Meet a Mountaineer

    Iron Mountain Record Center Coordinator James Anderson started playing football when he was 8 years old. He stayed involved with the sport after college and has been a volunteer with youth football in Detroit at various levels for almost 25 years now. Learn how James’ youth football league is making a difference in kids’ lives.





How we’re evolving -

We need to make sure that we’re one step ahead of your needs. That’s why we’re working to make improvements to the areas that are the most meaningful to you. We are excited about the changes we’re making to be more responsive to your needs and build better relationships with you—overall making it easier to do business. But, we’re not quite finished putting the final touches on these changes, so stay tuned to hear more in the coming months.

Things you asked for and how we’ve delivered –

Your feedback informs where we make investments in better serving you. Here are some new services, updates and changes that you may have seen.

  • Information Governance Planning | Iron Mountain
    Having Trouble Getting Your Information Governance Planning Off the Ground?

    Our customers tell us a lot. One thing we hear from them often is that the hardest step in developing a successful Information Governance program is simply getting started. These projects are often difficult to execute and are often more likely than others to get derailed. Really effective governance planning begins with a strategic roadmap and has four main functions. Read more.

  • PO Change
    Purchase Order Enhancement

    Your feedback hasn’t gone unnoticed. As part of our commitment to improving your experience, we wanted to make sure you are aware of some of the enhancements we’re making to our systems. Find out more about the recent improvements to our purchase order systems.


  • RFID | Iron Mountain
    Everything you need to know about our RFID boxes

    Did you know that we offer Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in our most popular storage boxes? So how does this help you? There’s an activated RFID chip, pre-associated to the SKP barcode, that’s applied directly to your box during the manufacturing process. Your boxes are RFID-ready providing you with an easier path to Inventory Governance - at no additional charge. This new technology give you faster location services and removes the need for labels. With a RFID reader, you can leverage our open source RFID label to locate your boxes quickly, whether at your location or in transit. Read more.